putus sudah.

hye korang.
mesti korang tertanya tanya title kt atas tu kan.
emm yup aku nan dia dah putus laa.
maybe tak ada jodoh kod.
nak buat cam mane kan.
terima je laa.
so i must go on with my life now !!
i can succes without man !
yeah !
but, walaupun aku tak ada pakwe thats not mean i single !!
i taken by my BOYFIE and GRILFIE. :)
here that my love. <3

we not couple. we just FRIEND ! i'm taken by him ! love u so much hunny bunny ! :*

yeah ! that my GF ! lovu u all. :*

my heart taken by SHE !

he 's belong to me !

yeah ! them belong with me ! 

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